Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reaching Out Mission

This is the Mission Statement for Reaching Out where we will be working from late January to the end of February 2008.
Bruce and I were so impressed at the shop last March. All of the artisans who were working in the room behind the store were friendly, welcoming and very proud of their work. Although we were very limited in what we were able to communicate, we felt that they were healthy, well and happy.
Inside the store we took this picture before learning that it was not permitted, but we are glad that we have this first hand reminder of the orgaization's intent.
Click on the link to the right for Reaching Out and you will be able to read profiles of the individuals who work here and see some of their fine work.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Meet our Fellow Staff at Reaching Out

Pictured here are the staff and some of the artisans with whom we will be working in January and February 2008 at Reaching Out in Hoi An. The founder of the organization is Mr. Binh, seated in the wheelchair in the center of the photograph.

We have not met any of these folks, other than those who were in the store when we visited in March. Little did we know that three months later, we would be signed on as volunteers and very excited about another journey to Vietnam.

Elaine is now working on a project for Mr. Binh, endeavouring to find retail partners for their beautiful crafts here in Canada and researching Fair Trade agreements.