Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Business Opens in Cua Dai Village

Man and Hong are seen here with Hoa of VAVA ( Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange) in Hoi An accepting the funds from Journeys of the Heart which have enabled them to purchase a ping pong table and two football games ( fooz ball?) for their at hone "recreation" business. For a small fee the neighbours can play a few games AND have a glass of clean bottled water.

After a week in operation, they are estimating that they will earn about 50,000 dong per day. Although this converts to only about $2.50 US, it is sufficient to augment their meager income and allow them to better care for their daughter who has cerebral palsy.

We hope that their example will inspire other victims of Agent Orange to establish small businesses with our help,and become more independent.