Monday, May 14, 2012

Another trip with Tours of Peace for Bruce

Bruce leaves May 22 for another trip to Vietnam, as Deputy Tour Leader for a group of veterans returning with Tours of Peace. While Bruce plays a key role in locating the sites of significance for the other veterans on the tour, he is also very involved in the humanitarian projects which are a critical component of the healing process for the veterans.

It was through TOP, back in 2006 that we witnessed the breadth of need among the poor in this country struggling to take its place in the modern world after centuries of war and most recently the American war, which devastated the infrastructure and left behind the poisonous effects of Agent Orange. TOP led us to our decision to raise funds and work there.

One of our greatest joys is returning year after year and seeing again old friends, who by now expect us on an annual basis, and are excited to share their news with us ( as we are with them!)

Pictures help to fill the gaps in our conversations as we continue to struggle with the tonal Vietnamese language. No one seems to mind  and smiles and hugs need no translation!