Monday, May 30, 2016

Up the Mountain Once Again

Whenever I hear that our friend Thanhhuynh Huynh and his stalwart group of volunteers, the gang from Yellow Bee (or in Vietnamese Ong Vang) are headed up into the mountains again, I pray for good weather in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This rugged territory is unfriendly at the best of times, but in a downpour, it becomes a treacherous climb, especially if you are carrying a cooler full of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Deep in the jungles transportation is often limited to feet and/or water craft to ford the rivers. Look at the free board here..about six inches I think and the oarsman is all of 10 years old!

These pictures were taken on the most recent (mid-May, 2016) reconnaissance trip to a remote village. There is often skepticism along with the curiosity of the villagers. Visitors are rare and as many ethnic tribes converse in their native dialect there are communication hurdles to be overcome.

Once in the village, the first priority is to feed the children. All ingredients have been packed in; including fresh chickens and vegetables for a hearty soup. I think that the prep-cooks are sitting in front of the building currently used as a school. The fire builders have gathered the wood and are building the fire for the huge soup pot. 

Ah....delicious soup. Not a spec is wasted. Bruce and I have not been in villages this remote, but we have on occasion been part of a team offering lunch to poor kids in schools and I can attest to the fact that the parents looking on are grateful, whilst masking their own hunger.

While the kids are fed, the crew are scouting out what needs to be done to build a proper school. And this time, they are also setting up for the evening's treat. Somehow this group of intrepid volunteers has hauled in a screen and a way of showing cartoons!

Journeys of the Heart donors have been generous in the past supporting the building of schools in these villages.

If I am following the often poor translation on Thanhhuynh's Facebook, this village will get a school in February. Wouldn't it be great if it could be a Journeys of the Heart school?

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