Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2011 Appeal Launched

We have launched our 2011 Journeys of the Heart appeal for funds with a letter to our supporters on our e-mail list. Friends, family and neighbours have also been asking "When do you leave again for Vietnam"? We are so heartened by the swift and generous response and already have funds for
  • one portable library for school children in a remote village
  • sponsorship of two new home based business projects for victims of Agent Orange
  • trainee sponsorship for four new artisans at Reaching Out
  • tuition, room and board for one student from the Hoa Van leprosy village to go to school in Da Nang
We want to send more kids to school, train more disabled crafts people, support more victims of Agent Orange and are hoping that you will join our home team and that we can deliver a gift from you.

Please e-mail us at if you have questions or need some information about getting your donation to us.

Pictured above is Hien, a disabled painter, to whom we and our friends Binh and Quyen gave a computer last year, to enable him to sell his paintings on-line. We also went to his wedding ( see earlier post) and are happy to report that he and his bride Ly are expecting a baby who will be born while we are in Hoi An. Such a wonderful story.