Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank You to our Donors!

We are feeling like Santa's helpers these days.....getting ready to leave for Vietnam with a sack full of goodies! We love being your emissaries and carrying your generous gifts to the people with whom we work.

In a year when we have all felt the pinch economically, our donors have made this the most bountiful year for Journeys of the Heart. We will be able to provide more funds this year for our usual projects : library books for remote village schools; tuition to enable girls to continue with school, loans for victims of Agent Orange to start a home based business and also to pay for training for disabled artisans. 

Your overwhelming generosity this year has also allowed for a small fund for discretionary projects once we get to Hoi An. 

As I scanned the web for pictures of children in Vietnam, I was struck by the irony of this photo, juxtaposed with the one above of jolly old Saint Nicholas. These wandering street children have probably collected plastic water bottles from the garbage which they will sell for pennies so that they will eat for one more day. Journeys of the Heart may be able to feed some of these kids this year.

We leave for Vietnam on January 16th and will be making regular posts to keep you all informed about how your dollars are helping the Vietnamese. 

Blessings of the Season

            Cam On!                                                      Thank You!