Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Books for Kids in the Mekong Delta

We have been delivering portable libraries to remote villages in Quang Nam Province with Le Ly Hayslip's Global Village Foundation for about five years.

This year we have an opportunity to expand our horizons and travel to the Mekong Delta with Le Ly's Ho Chi Minh City staff to deliver books.

The Mekong Delta is called the "rice bowl" of Vietnam as much of the nations rice production happens here in the rich soil of the river delta. Fishing is also a prime industry and although tourism has begun to bring some prosperity to the region, poverty remains severe.

Renowned for the culture of river living, open floating markets teeming with colorful fruits, vegetables, noodles and fish and mysterious estuaries lined with mangrove forests, hunger is not far from the surface of the brave faces which the tourists see. Fickle weather, floods and price fixing are constant threats to the livelihoods eked out here in the delta.

Children often work with their parents to grow the produce or sell it or cook it from their stilt or floating houses.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that these kids have access to books?

One portable library of about 250 books costs $500 US.

So far Journeys of the Heart has enough funds for two such libraries. Our aim is to be able to take five boxes of books to the Delta. We have a ways to go but we know that it will happen!!!

Perhaps your book club, neighbours, colleagues or sports team would like to sponsor a library. Let us know!

Update: December 29th, 2012
We did it!!!! The cheque is on it's way to Global Village Foundation for five book boxes!!!!