Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Look at Him Now!

We first met Vinh when he was about six years old. He lives with other disabled children and adults in a home near Quy Nhon in Central Vietnam. On that first visit, we did not know that we would continue to see him over the years, but it was love at first sight. Vinh was active, playful and openly engaged with our tour group of foreigners.

The second time we visited the "orphanage" as these institutions are called in Vietnam whether they house youngsters or seniors, Vinh was the Alpha kid! First in line to get his A&W Root Bear, first in line to get his face painted and first up to play a tune on his new harmonica.

It was a couple of years before Bruce went back on another Tour of Peace. Vinh had grown like a weed AND he was showing off his skills on the computer key board! We do not know how Vinh lost his lower arms and hands but we fear that it was unexploded ordnance.

 Below are the latest shots of Vinh in May of last year. Just look at him now!!! Such a handsome boy and as exuberant as ever. The pen is being used to measure his arms for possible prosthesis.

We are thrilled that each time we return, Vinh looks well cared for and is getting an education. He seems to have adapted to his disability without much special training or equipment. One of the tour members is pursuing contacts in the field of prosthetic production....hopefully Vinh will be a recipient of a generous westerner's expertise.

In the meantime we can hardly wait to see him again to see his huge smile. As he grows we are reminded of the passing of the now since our first trip Back To Vietnam.