Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Little Help from our Friends

Since we have published this blog and begun to talk with friends and family about this next chapter in our Journey of the Heart, we have been showered with encouragement and blessings for our return to Vietnam.
Some people have already asked "What can we do to help?" "Do you ever take people with you to volunteer?" Our hearts are warmed by this outpouring of care, but must admit that we are somewhat unprepared with answers.
As always we will be stuffing our suitcases with goods that will be useful for our friends at Reaching Out and at the Hoi An Home for the Aged: personal hygiene items, gently used clothing, pens etc.
We are particularly touched by the enquiries about taking others with us and had not considered how an "army" of Canadians could be put to use, but we will certainly be thinking about ways that you may serve.
One of the things that I have just discovered is that Mr. Binh at Reaching Out also runs a Computer Training Facility for people with disabilities. This opens another avenue of possibilities for involvement. We don't have the expertise to contribute there, but we will sure check out what their needs may be.
Of course there is always a financial need for medical supplies purchased "in country" for distribution for those unable to afford over-the -counter drugs.
Tours of Peace the organization with which we travelled to Vietnam on our first two tours, will accept donations for these humanitarian projects.
We also would put any monies to good use in Hoi An in January.