Friday, August 20, 2010

Kim Anh's Report Card

Trinh Thi Kim Anh sits at her desk in her tiny room in DaNang where she lives with a friend of her mother's so that she can go to school. Kim Anh's parents live in Hoa Van leprosy village. Her father's leprosy is under control and he is no longer contagious, but he still only manages to earn about $50 a month on his small farm. Kim's mother is partially deaf and her younger brother has many health problems. Their simple home has an electric fan, but no TV...they have neither a motor bike nor a bicycle.

Thanks to our Journey of the Heart supporters and CEF- Vietnam, run by our good friend Linda Hutchinson Burn, Kim has just finished grade six in the city of Da Nang. After a faltering start to the year, perhaps due to illness and an unsuitable home placement where she was reguired to all the chores, Kim flourished in the second term, having moved to her mother's friend's house where she has her own room and her fair share of the chores, sweeping, washing dishes and cooking rice. She can walk to school and best of all, her mother's friend has a daughter the same age! Thank goodness Linda and her people keep close tabs on all of the kids that we are sponsoring and if like Kim, a placement is not working out, an alternative is found. The primary objective is to keep the kids in school.

We met Kim and her Dad in Da Nang earlier this year. What sweet people. We hope that we will be able to sponsor her again for another year of school.
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