Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Reaching Out From Kenora, Ontario

Our appeal for support touched the hearts of Heather Rothwell's Grade Eight class at St. Thomas Aquinas School in Kenora, Ontario.

For their Christmas project, they have worked hard to put together gift bags for the people of Vietnam who, because of their poverty often lack personal hygeine items that we here in Canada take for granted.

The students earned money or solicited donations for everything in their gift bags.

How wonderful it will be to present the gifts to the Vietnamese on behalf of these kids in Kenora. We will have fun trying to explain the snow outside the window! We will be asked questions about how old they are, what they are wearing and how long they have been in school. The Vietnamese kids will be amazed that the very tall people in this picture are only 13 or 14 years old!

We are so grateful for the efforts of these young Canadians, whose thoughtfulness, gifts and good wishes we are proud to deliver. Peace.
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  1. We were very glad to help! Merry Christmas from Kenora! It is still snowing and the temperature is -15! BRRRRR! Best wishes in your travels!

    From 8C St. Thomas Aquinas High School