Saturday, February 9, 2008

Over and Over

We are over- stimulated, over-stretched, over-fed, over-tired but also over joyed with the warmth and generosity of our Vietnamese hosts.
Tet has been a succession of events and happenings which have been educational and inspirational.
In answer to Bruce's innocent question at the lunch following the first veneration of ancestors "Who are all the people here?" pointing to the three tables of relatives, staff, guests, TV crew and friends. "We are all family. We are all Vietnamese", said our host. He meant EVERYBODY, we Westerers included.
We have prayed with and been blessed by Buddist monks and family shamans. We have been adopted as Mother and Father and Granddaughter and Grandson, Uncle and Auntie. The sister of Grandma here is in love with a picture of my Grandfather in his Army uniform.
We have eaten a pig's head straight from the altar and lotus root salad and watched fireworks, both to the east and west of our little balcony.
We have socialized more than we do in a year on Salt Spring! It is all good.....very,very good!!!

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  1. What wonderful memories you are making. Wednesday night I shared wine, Tet candy and conversation with the nice people at the restaurant I frequent and thought of you guys a lot.

    Chuc mung na moi,