Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time to Say Good Bye "Tam Biet"

As much as we were hopeful that somehow the clock would stop ticking and the days would stretch across forever, they have not and we are saying good bye to our Vietnamese family and friends.

Our hearts and tummies are full!!! So many lunches and dinners, with so many gifts and good wishes. For a people who supposedly do not like to say good bye and prefer "see you later", the Vietnamese that we have come to know and love, sure do want as many opportunities as possible to avoid saying "adieu"!

Elaine's English class "graduated" today, with a celebration at the beachside bistro La Plage. We tried to watch the sing-a-long version of Mama Mia, but we had some techinical difficulties and a few rain squals to dampen the party.

Each person in the class presented Elaine, with a carefully scribed letter of thanks, written in English. They took care to highlight a significant learning, whether a selling skill or a language skill. The flowers,hugs and smiles spoke the language of the heart..... we have touched one another across the barriers of language and culture.
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