Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Tour of Peace

Bruce is off again to Vietnam on May 17th, his fourth tour with Tours of Peace Vietnam Veterans and his second as the deputy tour leader. The tour will be two weeks, during which time the group will return to Dalat, where this picture was taken about a month ago.

On his second tour of duty in Vietnam in 70/71, Bruce made two visits to this mountain top, where there was a US tracking site. On our return there in April we saw some evidence of the American camp, but today the spot is a tourist mecca because of the beautiful views over the valleys and the adventure in getting there by jeep.

One of the tour participants for this upcoming trip also wants to visit the Dalat area, as it was of significance to her father.

A bonus will be doing a humanitarian project at an ethnic minority village in the mountains near Dalat. As mentioned in an earlier blog, these people remain among the poorest in Vietnam and remain marginalized.

While the focus on these Tours of Peace is the participant needs and wants, Bruce will also have a free day in Hoi An to say hello to all our family there.
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