Saturday, February 6, 2010

Books from Friends in Canada

One of the projects which continues to capture the hearts of our home team, is the Portable Libraries project of Global Village Foundation. These boxes, each containing 250 books selected from the approved reading list published by the Department of Education, rotate from one school to the next in remote villages, where the students have little reading material. The objective is to deliver four to six boxes to each central school, so that over the course of the year the kids have access to 1000 books.

The GVF team, conducts a day long workshop, to deliver skills to the teachers, to enable them to make reading fun, incorporating drama, art, and team projects. When we have been part of these workshops we have wondered whether the teachers or the students are the most enthusiastic!

This year, Journeys of the Heart, home team supporters, Victoria, Carole and Philip and the Red Tent Book Club, gave funds to send three libraries to these receptive and eager students. That is 750 books that will reach fertile minds!

Thank you from the province of Quang Nam, Vietnam.
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