Friday, January 21, 2011

A visit to Hien and Ly's house

Yesterday,we travelled by car into Da Nang to visit Hien and Ly, to wish them Happy Lunar New Year , "Chuc Mung Nam Moi". They are leaving their little one room house and flying home on Sunday to Kon Tum, north of Pleiku in the mountains, not only for Tet, but to settle in for four months for the birth of their baby. It is traditional for young couples to return home to their parents for the birth of their children (if they are not living with the parents, which is also traditional). It is especially important for Hien and Ly to be with family to care for the baby. The one room is all they have in Da Nang and with Hien's limited mobility the helping hands of family will be necessary with the baby. Right now their one room serves as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, studio and gallery....heaven knows where they will put a baby when they return after the four months so that Ly can go back to her job as a therapist at the rehabilitation center.

Hien's paintings are selling well at Reaching Out and we were really happy to hear that the computer which Journeys of the Heart (along with Binh and Quyen) gave Hien as a wedding present is proving very useful. Because Hien can not get out to seek inspiration for his paintings, he uses his computer to find and manipulate images of his beloved Vietnam.

We wish Hien and Ly much luck and a happy baby!
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  1. Great pic's. We Americans are spoiled with all our "stuff" which totally means nothing in the end. They look happy and probably consider themselves fortunate to have the cute little place that they do.