Friday, February 18, 2011

My Lai Massacre Memorial Site

We journeyed to the My Lai Massacre site yesterday and although we have been to this now tranquil memorial park on several occassions it was, as always a poignant day.

The day was slightly overcast and cool enough that we were able to stroll the now quiet gardens, slowly. Birds sang and the rice fields and vegetable gardens, within and along side the park, were green and healthy. New life has replaced the charred ruins and devastation of so many lives. The 504 souls, still are present to those who pause to contemplate the events of that fateful day in 1968.

Ha Thi Quy, a survivor, lives a short walk down a neighbouring lane in the village. She and her son and granddaughter remembered us from previous visits and welcomed us into their home. She greeted us with huge hugs and smiles.

The memories of the horror of that day for the families of this tiny hamlet in Central Vietnam are searlingly fresh, yet they cherish life, the land and the family that remains. We are humbled by their forgiveness and acceptance of us. We are moved by their "love, which passeth all understanding".
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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am right now attending a conference about 100km south of My Lai in Quy Nhon. Could you please let me know where exactly I could find this memorial park. Thank you!

  2. travel north to Quaing Nghai in highway #1. Just north of Quaing Ngahi you will craoo a long bridge over the Tra Khuc River. Immediately after you reach the end of the bridge, look for a sign on your right that says My Son Memorial, turn right and go 12 km down the road. The park is on your left. Check with a good guide or Lonely Planet for hours of operation and entry fees.