Friday, October 18, 2013

So Much to Overcome

Once again Hoi An where we live and work while in Vietnam has been slammed by a typhoon, this one called Nari. Pelting rain accompanied the winds and of course there was significant flooding. The streets became waterways.

This is a shot of our precious Reaching Out craft shop, with the entire store under water. Wisely, the staff had lifted all of the machinery and merchandise up onto slings from the ceiling so that the water damage was limited to the structure.

Beachside the devastation was significant....trees snapped off and buildings were destroyed. Our favourite bistro is hardly recognizable.

Many residences lost roofs and the damage to trees, vegetation, rice fields and crops is heart breaking. There was no electricity for several days and repair work is slow.

We spent a few tense days, until we had heard that all of our family, friends and associates survived and are well.

However, the families in the countryside, and those of the girls sponsored by our partner, Children's Education Foundation have suffered the most damage. This is yet another setback for these poor families who struggle at the best of times.

Your donations to Journeys of the Heart will be appreciated even more this year.

If you have not yet sent your cheque, there is still time:

Journeys of the Heart
105 Hilltop Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 1V9

We hope that our mail box is flooded with envelopes, to help the courageous people with whom we work overcome yet another hardship.

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  1. Thank you for letting others know that when a typhoon hits poor communities it affects their lives greatly; resulting in some having to move in with other relatives until the funds can be raised to rebuild, or they stay there and cover the roof beams with plastic and wait until the local government can help them repair or rebuild. Although many of our families have lost part or all of their roofs, luckily all families contacted so far have no physical damage themselves. Linda Burn, Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam