Monday, June 9, 2014

There Is Always A Way To Say "Thank You"

The Reaching Out Tea House is silent. ....blissfully so, according to all of the reviews on Trip Advisor!

Somehow the customers enthusiastically savour the experience of tasting delicious teas, coffees and delicate cookies whilst sinking into the enveloping silence. Such a contrast to the cacophony of the streets of Hoi An!

It is delightful to watch our visitors melt into the gracious surroundings and service.

We are charmed that so many customers respond with respect and awe to our speech and hearing impaired staff. Spur of the moment sign language lessons happen everyday and "thank you's" are often the first two words to be exchanged.

In August we will return to Hoi An and are really looking forward to seeing all of our friends at the Tea House.

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