Monday, August 11, 2014

Goodbye Salt Spring Island......Hello Hoi An

Just six more big sleeps and then we are off again to Vietnam, with a quick visit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, before we reach our other home, Hoi An.

This is last night's Super Moon as seen from our upper deck. We will, as always, miss the tranquility of our island, our walks in the forest and by the sea, the sailing on Mahalo Nui and special times with family and friends.

But, there are many people that we are anxious to see again and some new contacts whom we have met on-line who are also there in Hoi An doing good works. We are really looking forward to being involved with our favourite projects and organizations.

Meetings are scheduled with Linda at Children's Education Foundation and at least one trip planned to visit the homes of some of the girls in the CEF education sponsorship program. So many of our faithful donors to Journeys of the Heart have designated their funds to keeping girls in school, providing library books, bicycles or medicines. As always we will be thrilled to deliver these gifts on your behalf and see the appreciative girls in their homes with their families.

This sweet family are very appreciative of the help that they receive from CEF

The growing mobile library, funded in large measure by Journeys of the Heart supporters adds depth to the education provided in the district schools and opens the girls' eyes to a bigger world.

We are in awe when we see the conditions under which these girls study. Many finish high school and some go on to university thanks to the ongoing support from CEF.

Of course we will also be involved with Reaching Out the social enterprise which we have served for the last six years. Just look at the size and strength of the team now! As the organization prospers and its reputation for the level of skill training and meaningful employment spreads, more people of disability are applying. Training scholarships and equipment purchases are the only ways ( other than volunteering as mentors as we do) that one can contribute to this organization and JOTH has consistently provided funds so that more young people can be trained to join this family.

These high intensity lamps were also a gift from Journeys of the Heart a few years ago.

The new venture for Reaching Out is the opening of a traditional Tea House where the speech and hearing impaired staff are earning rave reviews on Trip Advisor. The gracious and silent service has delighted our customers.

In addition we will see our friends at VAVA (Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange) to check on the progress of the micro-loan endeavours and to cheer them on.

So Long for can keep tabs on us through this blog and Face Book. Thanks for all your good wishes and little envelopes which have come to our door over the last few weeks

Bruce and Elaine

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  1. I have just finished reading your book, Journeys of the Heart, and found it inspirational and lovingly written. Both you and Bruce are brave, courageous and compassionate beyond what most of us are able to experience. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I were fortunate to visit Salt Spring Island in 2006 and fell in love with this magical island. I'm not sure we could ever tear ourselves away as you have. I'm convinced that I should have been born Canadian. We wish you both good health, safe journeys and a long and happy life.