Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank You Letter to the St. Alban's Church Sunday School: Kenora, Ontario, Canada

In Vietnam, the ethnic tribal peoples of the mountains live in remote, poverty stricken villages. The soil is poor and their crops are meagre.

Access to these villages is very restricted, often the last few miles are on foot. 

If there are schools in these villages for the children, they are often no more than shacks which do not keep out the wind and the cold in the winter time.

There is a group though, in the seaside town of Hoi An, that is doing something to change the lives of these young children. The name of the organization in English is Same Same but Different. In Vietnamese it is Ong Vang (om van). We know this wonderful man whose name is Thanhhuynh Huynh,(pronounced Tun-who-in, Who-in) . His job is as a tour guide, but on the weekends he is the leader who takes volunteers into the mountains to build schools and to nourish the ethnic tribes who are often hungry. They also take warm clothes for the children.

The Saint Alban's Sunday School group has given $200.00 to help Same Same but Different to build a school. Look what your dollars have helped to build!

When there are desks and books the children will be able to learn and through education they will be able to help their communities become more prosperous.

From the children whom you have helped...a VERY big Thank You. In Vietnamese that is Cam On.

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