Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last Minute Miracle

Our bags are all packed and ready to zip closed for the next Journey of the Heart and as usual they are overflowing with gifts for the Vietnamese people we serve.

One of the stops that we make annually and will do so again this year, with Tours of Peace Vietnam Veterans, is the Hoi An Home for the Aged and Disabled. In our suitcases are today's last minute miracle for the nursing staff there.

When we think of head lamps here at home, we think of reading in bed, hiking, camping or managing in a black out.

But at the nursing home, these are essential tools. Can you imagine during a power outage trying to care for and feed these dear people in the dark? Floors are slippery during wet weather, many residents are confined to their beds while others are on crutches or using other mobility devices.

 Head lamps for the staff are precious things to have so that they can care for their charges and have two hands free for feeding or lifting.

Today I went to our local hardware store, where Manager KimYoung has been a loyal supporter for years, not only donating from the stock at the store, but also personally.  In response to my plea, I walked away with drastically reduced headlamps and of course some balloons for the kids at our next stop in Hue at the Duc Son Pagoda Orphanage.

So a big "shout out" for Kim and Mouat's Home Hardware, Salt Spring Island!

Such a nice "going away" present for Journeys of the Heart. We are so lucky to be the ones to deliver all this love from Canada and the USA.


  1. Great blog on the elder home...see you next month

  2. Betty Rehusch, class of 2001September 10, 2015 at 11:06 PM

    I remember......