Tuesday, January 27, 2009

May all Beings Be Peaceful

How could one not be at peace in a city where monks wander the streets in their robes, reminding us of the contemplative life. They move with such grace, their shoulder bags perched carefully on one shoulder or in the heat of the day, shaded by black umbrellas. There is a wat or temple almost every block and the monks like most citizens, garden on whatever patch is available to grow basic vegetables and greens. The river banks are skillfully cultivated in steep rows. We have determined that it takes about three days for lettuce to ripen!!

We have visited many wats and offered flowers and incense. JoAn and I have joined the monks in the wat across the road from our guest house to meditate while they chant.

It is so lovely, to sit on our tiny porch at our guest house and be able to gaze on the huge lotus flowers flanking the stupa.

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