Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are Off!

With the winter snows, which have had us confined to quarters for almost three weeks, slowly receding, our attention is diverted from shoveling, to our Journey of the Heart.

We depart from Vancouver very early in the morning on January 15th. The long flight, through Taipei and on to Hanoi, will be one of contemplation and anticipation. After a week of travel in northern Vietnam and Laos, with our dear pals JoAn and Michel Maurer, we will arrive in Hoi An on Febraury 1st. Our work at Reaching Out and with Global Village Foundation will begin almost immediately.

Thank you to our "home team", whose generosity has already made possible four, yes four!! portable libraries for the GVF's project. Although we do not go to the village schools until the week of February 15, the funds have assured that the boxes for the books are now being built. Four boxes will provide 1000 books for these villages. Our friends and family have also contributed enough so that we have sent Le Ly Hayslip of GFV, $2500 to buy much needed equipment for a hospital in Que Son. We hope that we, along with a delegation of Japanese, will have the opportunity to visit the hospital and see your dollars and theirs at work.

Weaving looms have been ordered for the workers at Reaching Out and we will also be sponsoring at least two disabled persons to pursue training. While in Hanoi we hope to visit a new producer for the shop, located about 60km from Hanoi.

All this and we haven't landed yet!!!

Our next blog entry will probably not be until we are settled in Hoi An, with the family at Vuon Trau. Several of the Canadian contingent will stay at Vuon Trau as well, JoAn and Michel and Stan and Marie Teitge. Brenda Smith from Sussex will hang her hat with us at this family homestay. Sharon Brewer will be at the Ha An Hotel. We look forward to their participation in our projects and of course sharing wonderful meals and adventures.

Your messages from home are so important to us, while we are in Vietnam.....they keep us grounded and motivated, so please send us an e-mail or add a comment to this blog by linking on the "Comment" icon after each entry.
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