Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Together

Bruce is working with Hung of Global Village Foundation, Linda of Go Philanthropic and Ngoc of Children's Education Foundation....three different organizations co-operating to get books into the hands of school children in Vietnam.

Our previous post tells the story of how GVF delivers libraries of books to remote school districts through large book fairs.....a project that has been underway for several years. CEF is just beginning to create a mobile library for the benefit of the children whose education they sponsor. Linda, a volunteer with Go Phil is helping CEF launch this program. Today's meeting was specifically about acquiring the right government approved books to include in CEF's library.

Go Phil finds donors for CEF, as does Journeys of the Heart. Read more about each of these organizations through their websites (links on the right)

It is very gratifying for us to know that these caring people are working together to serve the children of Vietnam.

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