Saturday, January 26, 2013

Precious Pictures

 This morning we popped in to see the art event at Children's Education Foundation "headquarters"...Linda's house.

Ably conducted by Linda De Wolf of Go Philanthropic and the CEF staff, the art day involved nine children who were given the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of paint, paper, glue, coloured pencils, crayons. ...probably more art supplies than they had ever seen!!!

As they worked with concentration some of the parents peeked in on them from the lanai where they waited patiently. The theme "what I love about Tet" (Lunar New Year) produced pictures of fireworks, blossoming trees and quite a few of red lucky  money envelopes.

We also met Thuy and her Grandmother. Thuy's schooling is sponsored by one of our Journeys of the Heart donors, who also pays for the medical expenses of Grandma who cares for Thuy.

It is such a privilege for us to deliver your gifts.

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