Monday, January 21, 2008

Home in Hoi An

Technology has been challenging here in Hoi An. The Internet is often inaccessible and always slow.
Blogspots are blocked and we are busy finding ways around the system to try to keep you all up to date as promised. Please be patient with us and we will get news and pictures to you if and when possible. This picture is the first of many that we will surely take at Reaching Out...Bruce and Binh at their computers.
We are well, happily ensconced in a lovely little house and attended to by very caring staff.
We reported to Reaching Out yesterday, riding our bikes the short two kilometer distance along little roads and a very brief few blocks of frantic traffic.This morning as I watched Bruce's large frame on his tiny bike, winding his way through, bikes,motor bikes, pedestrians with large loads of produce and hard goods, I was taken with the knowing that at last we are following our intention. As we passed a garbage truck, which played Vietnamese music, tinny like an ice cream truck, I had the impression that we were in a movie of East Meets West.
Mr. Binh and all the staff at Reaching Out are most gracious and we know that we will learn much more from them than they from us. Our main tasks will be to help Binh with his Strategic plan and do some surveying with customers to help them develop a customer profile which will help them to target their marketing and develop new products.
It is very gratifying to be working to support differently abled people.
We are meeting volunteers and expats from Canada and the USA, all here because of their love for the country and it's people. They are very helpful and will be the ones to guide us through this technological challenge. Getting pictures up on this blog will be a tricky exercise but we will not be daunted.
Everyday we think of you all and assure you that your good thoughts and gifts are very much appreciated.

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