Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reaching Out Scholarships and "Goodies" Delivered

Just before lunch today we had a little presentation ceremony for the three trainees who will be able to complete their apprenticeships because of the generosity of our Canadian Friends. Thank you, thank you.
Mr. Binh is justifiably proud of his students, who will become completely self supporting in a country still rife with discrimination. The atmosphere in the shop and workshop is one of unique self confidence and fulfillment. Each individual has found an avenue toward self -sufficiency and great joy in his/her ability to create beautiful quality crafts.
The personal hygiene gifts were such a hit. We did have to explain some of the labels. The guys were all over the shampoo!!!
Our "to do" list gets bigger everyday, from guiding Binh at a fairly high level with his Strategic and Business Plans to creating scripting for the staff who conduct tours for customers of the workshop. We are really relying on our years of O.D. work, and loving working with such open people who are all so driven to succeed by focusing on their abilities rather their disabilities.
Today a young Australian woman visited the shop who is a studying special education. She was bowled over by the example that she saw at Reaching Out and will present a paper on her return about the level of integration and independence that all the staff have achieved.
Another female customer from California who has acquired the Fair Trade Logo for her shop, sat right down to have a small consultation with Binh about the onerous application process.
Everyone wants to help!!!
If you want to have a closer look at the pictures, most computers will enlarge the photo if you click on it.

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