Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Portable Libraries Project

Our path has lead us to this new project and a new relationship with the Global Village Foundation.

One of the endeavours of this foundation, created by Le Ly Hayslip, whose life story is portrayed in the Oliver Stone movie Heaven and Earth, is the development of portable libraries which can be shared by several villages.

The purpose of the libraries is to stimulate a love of reading in the youngsters in schools where there have been few books. As new "portables" become available, GVF conducts workshops for the teachers, librarians and kids to introduce the libraries. Teachers learn how to use the resource and learn methods to make reading fun for their students. The children as you see by the photo, get their hands on real books and get help with their reading skills.

Bruce and I have been invited to assist with these workshops. We were a little apprehensive about our ability to contribute until Le Ly put us in touch with a woman who had done the work last year. Lo and behold our mentor lives in Prince George, BC... AND she is going to go back to Vietnam again this year and will be involved in the project at the same time as we are. Now that is cool!!!

Check out the GVF website to find out more about this foundation and the amazing woman who is its founder.

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