Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Good News Story

Remember Chuong? This is the young man who is mentally challenged and whose parents have helped him establish a flower growing business with a micro-loan from VAVA and generous Journeys of the Heart donors.

We were anxious to know how he did with sales just prior to Tet, when consumers are buying flowers for their homes and to offer at the pagodas and shrines for their ancestors. The competition is fierce with hundreds of sellers lining the streets in Hoi An and the neighbouring city of Da Nang.

This morning we had coffee with Phuong ( top right in picture below) and her friend Yen from the Red Cross.

As we sat in the garden of the new Reaching Out Teahouse, we heard the story. Chuong's parents decided to sell all of the flowers wholesale. Although of course the prices were lower, they did not have to join the hundreds of others on the street AND they sold the entire crop!! The loan can now be paid back in full, with enough left over to refinance the business for next year.

We love this kind of success story!

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