Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reaching Out Tea House Opens

Recently Reaching Out, the social enterprise with which we have been working for the last five years opened a new endeavour. The Tea House located a short walk from the craft shop in an ancient house is decoratd in keeping with the era, elegant and subdued. Above, we are greeted by Quyen's Mom and Dad as we enter as the first honoured guests.

The Grandmothers, Quyen's Mom, Binh's Mom and I are seated at the window side table and await our tea. It will be served by the staff who are speech and hearing impaired thus the traditional tea ceremony will be in silence.

The high beamed ceiling, antique furniture, classical serving pots and cups all add to the tranquility of the experience. Fine teas and coffees of Vietnam are featured, paired with small traditional snacks such as coconut, rice cookies and candied ginger.

We are so proud of this innovative initiative that will expand the opportunities for these women who have been seamstresses in the craft shop. They are amazingly confident and poised and after a few first day "butterflies" they are serving with great grace and poise.

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