Thursday, February 14, 2013

Micro Loan Program Report

How do you assess whether a blind man with a blind wife and a new baby is a good candidate for a micro loan to establish his own massage business? Currently working in Da Nang 45 minutes away from his parental home in Hoi An, this young man has lost his sight as an adult, but has pursued a career as a masseur.

He wants to be closer to home and the support of family who will ensure his transportation to and from clients. With a Granny this sweet how can we say "no"?

Duy (below) is 26 years old and despite his disabilities, he recognizes his name and smiled broadly when we wished him Happy New Year. He is a third generation victim. His parents are asking for assistance to mend their fishing nets so that they can harvest the tiny fish that live in the branch of the river which flows past their crumbling house. Each year the floods cause more damage to the structure.

The thatch business which Journeys of the Heart financed a year ago is prospering and the family of this severely disabled young man are now more able to take care of his needs and medical supplies. Their loan is almost paid in full.

Thank you for your generous gifts.

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