Thursday, February 19, 2009

Away They Go

This picture says it all!!! Mom is a teacher or librarian who has attended the Global Village Foundation Workshop. Her expression tells us about her delight in being able to take a box of 250 books back to her school.

The mode of transportation and its crew tell us much about the ingenuity and courage of the Vietnamese people. Papa, Mama and baby will somehow manage with what they have and not only be grateful, but joyous.

The child perched precariously on the bike is an example of the conundrums we see daily. Children here are cherished and pampered, especially boys, but those of us who are used to expensive car seats and strict laws about the transportation of our young, cringe to see the little tykes whizzing along unfettered, no helmets, no safety straps.

The clothes are amazing, simply because this day was about 80 degrees with extremely high humidity. Our Western team was sweating ungraciously the whole day, while our Vietnamese friends as you can see wore jackets and toques!!! If you could see the women's feet you would gasp at the tiny, strappy, cllittering high heals which they wear, hobbling about and climbing onto their bikes! The legs and ankles look great, but I'm not sure the joints will survive!
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