Friday, February 13, 2009

Cruising Down The River

Despite the frenetic preparations for the 10th Anniversary Celebration for Global Village Foundation and the workshops to deliver portable libraries next week, we are finding some respite cycling along, boating on and sitting beside the river, which is a short two blocks from our place.

The newly completed promenade is a perfect cycling route to "old town", the Reaching Out shop and good restaurants. In the evening we often walk home from dinner on this deserted path feeling quite safe and comfortable in the cool breeze.

The open living rooms of the houses along the way often are a mere four feet from the path and so we get a good look at family life therein. The television is always on, the children playing on the path in piles of sand. Renewal and fix it projects are constantly underway, so there are piles of rubble, broken bricks and sand which are playgrounds for the kids, sleeping places for pigs, nesting places for chickens.

Bruce was delighted on our boat trip last week to see our "Captain" so alert and attentive....driving with his feet and smoking a cigarette. We thought that maybe we could get him a job at BC Ferries!!!
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