Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Early this week we accomplished one of our most passionate goals. Along with the Global Village Team of 20 or so rotating volunteers we delivered more than 50 portable libraries to children in village schools. The libraries move from school to school (usually on the teachers motor bikes), so that over the course of a year the children have use of more than a 1,000 books.
The workshops which accompany the books are to educate the teachers on creative reading skills training.The children, chosen to attend because of their scholastic achievement, are also read stories which they act out. They also get to play all sorts of games, sing songs, learn a little English and how to clean up the school yard after their snacks and breaks. Sad that the teachers themselves are the worst offenders when it comes to throwing packaging etc on the ground! We were so proud to present 5 of the libraries on behalf of our Journey of the Heart support team. Our Canadian and American friends contributed 10% of the total number of library gifts....well done team!. We love you all. Other individuals and organizations from the US, Japan, Singapore and Europe sponsored libraries or contributed to the expenses of our workshops.

Bruce and I this year were the "food team". We delivered 1200 snacks and 600 hot dogs over the two days. Bruce was a hero, cooking all those dogs on make-shift grills. On the Wednesday, the improvisation was startling. Two huge soup pots were filled with a layer of sand over which the large charcoal pieces were spread ( no starter etc.) He, our bus driver, the school caretaker and another volunteer from the US managed to get these 36 inch pots of fire going in the misty rain and the 300 dogs were grilled from a squatting position. Adult Vietnamese females were fascinated to watch males cooking and probably ate the dogs out of courtesy!

In the end, it is all about the kids and the pictures above and on the web album ( click slide show to the right on this blog) show their joy and excitement. Le Ly Hayslip the founder of GVF is tireless in pursuing her objectives in stimulating young minds and hearts, knowing that the children are the future of her beloved Vietnam and it will rest on their shoulders to continue the rebuilding of this struggling yet vibrant country.
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