Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Kitchen From Salt Spring Island

The Catholic Nuns who run this kindergarten in Hoi An, not only provide a nutritious lunch for all the kids in their care, but every day make enough soup and rice for patients in the local hospital who would not otherwise get food. The food is prepared here and transported by motor bike to the hospital. Our friend from Britain and Journey of the Heart Team member Brenda Smith, goes daily to help serve the soup and comfort the old folks in the hospital whose families are too poor or far away to see their elders.

Until very recently these hundreds of meals per week were prepared on an old charcoal stove, the fumes wafting into the kindergarten rooms. Thanks to a new friend on Salt Spring the Nuns now have a spiffy new gas stove, an exhaust vent, a water purifier, a water heater and large gas cylinder! They are so ecstatic. Marta, the Nun here with Quyen speaks a little French and we were able to communicate well enough through my three French words and four Vietnamese words for me to know that the gift of this new kitchen will make their lives so much easier and that their concerns for the children's respiratory and gastronomic health are lessened.

Thank you to yet another Salt Spring angel, whose generous heart has made this all happen.
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