Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome Home to Hoi An

We have travelled far and had many adventures, but at last we are home in Hoi An. The hugs and squeals of delight from our family and friends have been heart warming, almost overwhelmingly so. Posted by Picasa
The young woman you see pictured above is Ha. She was the receptionist at our homestay last year, but now works at a different hotel and also with her brother in his woodworking shop. we took advantage of the river tour offered by our hosts and went over to the village the other day. Ha knew we were coming and could barely conceal her excitement on seeing Bruce. Such affectionate people.
Of course we have also been hosted by Quyen and Binh at their home and it was Sesame who stole our hearts once again. He is a typical five year old and could sit for about three minutes to do letters in the book which JoAn had given him. Sesame's English is surprisingly good and he shakes hands upon meeting.

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